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We are a registered company operating in Uganda since 2010 with our head office located in the capital Kampala with planned operations across the country, as well as consultancy interests and linkages within the East Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa regions.

We are LPG Consultants & Distributors.

We also extend our expertise into other sectors and fields such as Marketing, Research, Training and conference support within the petroleum, energy & environment sectors with some basic marketing advisory services for the local mobile telecommunications industry and planned specialisation in the natural gas field within the Region in the near future.

ULTGas Office

Our head office and main distribution center is located at plot 24 Kakungulu Road in Ntinda, Kampala. Our operation is divided into 2 divisions namely the CONSULTANCY wing & the DISTRIBUTION wing.

DISTRIBUTION: We operate from across Kampala city and its neighbouring districts selling TOTALGaz through a network of resellers. We are currently on a mission of spreading our distribution services into the country side, and have recently opened up an upcountry branch in the east of the country in the district of Namayingo covering neighbouring districts such as Busia, Bugiri, Mayuge, Tororo among others.

CONSULTANCY: We undertake research, baseline, marketing and technical feasibility studies in the field of LPG/Gas, including market entry advisory services for governments and private clients who are interested in investing in LPG/Gas in Uganda, East Africa and the wider sub-saharan AFrica region.


icon Consultancy

We undertake technical, investment and business advisory, marketing and promotions as well as Global Networking & building local linkages for clients.

icon Research & Training

We conduct both primary and secondary research in the LPG and Petroleum fields including other selected business sectors. We also oraganise and provide specialisd training in the same fields.

icon Distribution & Retail

We supply gas through a number of reseller points who are majorly key area supermarkets within the city suburbs as well as through independent stand alone fuel stations across the city.





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    Posted by : Daily Newspaper Septerber, 2018

    Expression of interest advert for carrying out feasibilty study Dar-es-salaam to Uganda natural gas transmission pipeline.

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  • The 'Silent' LPG ambassador in Uganda. Interview with Emmanuel Mangeni. Director/Consultant at Ultimate Gas, Uganda.
    Posted by : LPG Business Review October, 2016

    Uganda LPG Market: Tell us about your journey towards and throughout the LPG industry.

    I first interacted with LPG slightly over 10 years ago as a Business Consultant in charge of LPG with Chevron in Uganda. Prior to this I had been playing a role in the general petroleum downstream sector in Uganda as the head of sales and marketing for local independent firm Hared Petroleum.

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  • New Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) Partners - January 2016
    Posted by : New partners January 22, 2016

    Organizations directly involved in the implementation of clean cooking solutions, which may include design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, or sale of cookstoves or fuels by the private sector, NGOs, humanitarian groups, etc.

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  • The key solution to energy poverty in Uganda
    Posted by : Emmanuel Mangeni 5th November 2015

    As we head towards the 2016 general elections, a number of issues and non-issues seem to be flying around none so eye-catching from a media perspective than the People’s Manifesto highlights currently running in the New Vision.

    Of great interest to me has so far been the Monday, October 26, 2015 highlight on the existing energy challenge in the country. Most captivating in the article was the sub-heading “What next after firewood and charcoal?” It certainly caught the editor’s eye that he had to express his fears in the October 28, 2015 opinion titled “Take action on charcoal and firewood crisis” and rightly so.

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  • RECENT LPG Outage in Uganda, September 2015
    Posted by : Emmanuel Mangeni 22 September 2015

    Recently there was an acute outage of LPG in East Africa. This was due to delayed berthing of an LPG tanker at the Mombasa Port. Even when a batch was eventually delivered, it was found to be wanting in terms of quality with reports of considerable volume of water in the main product which hence had to be rejected.


6kg Gas & Cylinders, 12.5kg Gas & Cylinders, 38kg Gas & Cylinders, Accessories e.g. Regulators, Burners, Cooking Grills, Hose Pipes, etc. Cylinder Racks/ Cages (Free on site)


  • Total
  • Cnooc
  • Hashi Energy
  • Jade Petroleum
  • Oryx Energies
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – GACC
  • RTS Global Partners
  • United Nations Economic Commission For Africa
  • East African Community
  • SHV Energy
  • Wana Energy Solutions
  • Uganda Liqueified Petroleum Gas Association
  • Argus Media
  • Research World International
  • CMT
  • Feedback-Infra
  • The Global LPG Partnership
  • GroFin
  • AEG
  • PIEA
  • S&P-Platts
  • Starlite Engineers Limited
  • Starlite Engineers Limited
  • UNBS
  • UNBS
  • Swanair Travel and Safaris
  • Stanbicbank
  • Global Distributors Collective
  • Ministry Of Energy and Mineral Development Uganda

You can find us at Plot 24 Kakungulu Road, Ntinda, Kampala.

Ultimate Gas Professionals Limited

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